Our Mission

To protect and to grow client capital as we design and tailor our investment strategies to last through ever-changing market conditions.

Company Vision

We believe in protecting our client’s long-term financial health, first and foremost. The relationships with our clients are one of mutual trust, loyalty, and respect, and guarding their well-being is what keeps our company afloat.

We believe in preserving long-term value and growth, even if that means sacrificing expected gains in the short run in favor of the long run. Our managers are focused on constructing, maintaining, and growing portfolios that will last.

We believe in challenging conventional methods and viewing investments from a more encompassing perspective than what is commonly accepted. We look at anything and everything at our disposal, evaluate and monitor changing conditions, and then construct and adjust tactical investment strategies.

We believe in our managers and partners to intensely focus on competing at their highest performance level and to the highest professional, ethical, and legal standards. Everything we do and every interaction we have, represents both Gold Sail and our clients. We therefore pay special consideration to how we do business and with whom we do business.


"Our company is our ship, the managers our crew, the strategies our sails, the investments our wind, and the market our sea."


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