Casting Off

Gold Sail Capital ("Gold Sail") was established out of its founders' passion for portfolio management and for viewing investments from a more encompassing perspective than what is commonly accepted. The founders realized that by leveraging each other's experience and areas of expertise, they could create an opportunity that would allow them to follow this passion in a diversified manner and create something truly astonishing from the ground up. This is why two visionary Purdue University students, Paul Griggs and Matt Garofalo, founded Gold Sail out of a dorm room on the night of November 17th, 2015.

Creating History

In March of 2014, Paul Griggs, a sophomore studying economics and finance at Purdue University's Krannert School of Management was fed-up with the typical confines of the classroom scene and decided to take the plunge into the real world of portfolio management. His main ambition at the time was to create a student-run, private investment fund similar to those established at Wharton and Harvard, where he and a team of similarly driven individuals could manage their own portfolio. 

Through a mutual friend, Griggs contacted Matt Garofalo, another sophomore at Krannert studying finance who was equally fed-up with the classroom scene, and pitched him the concept on the evening of March 13th at a Starbucks in the Purdue Memorial Union. From there, the two began to meet regularly on Friday evenings in the Union to draft the fund's operating agreements and operating procedures. By early May of that same semester, the two had completed the fund's legal documents and started to recruit potential partners over the summer and into the fall semester. By October of 2014, Griggs and Garofalo were now juniors and filed the paperwork to officially form Oracle Capital with a few other classmates. 

During the summer of 2015, with Griggs and Garofalo now seniors, the two began constructing the foundation of a much more noble endeavor that stretched beyond the capabilities of Oracle. From here, the two met weekly after a planning and operations meeting on the evening of August 29th, 2015. Less than three months later, they founded Gold Sail Capital on November 17th and officially registered the company in the State of Indiana on November 19th. Before the end of that same month, Gold Sail received initial interest north of seven figures.

Transitioning into 2016, the partners were already traveling across the nation to meet with potential investors, business partners, and advisors. By February and March, while most students were juggling homework and midterms, the team had set up the legal entities needed to launch their first hedge fund. Despite the logistical challenges, the partners scheduled meetings and conference calls in between classes in order to set up the fund's back office and coordinate with their investors.

On May 15th, Griggs and Garofalo graduated from the Krannert School of Management and went immediately to work around the clock at the firm's Lafayette office on Main Street. In fact, directly after Garofalo's last final exam, Griggs picked him up from campus and drove straight to the office. With their academic careers coming to a close, the two were able to dedicate every hour to finalizing preparations for the hedge fund's July 1st launch and to growing the rest of the firm.

To most, Gold Sail had become known only for the launch of a hedge fund, however, by June 15th and 21st, the partners launched Gold Sail Ventures and Gold Sail Real Estate. As a result, the firm was able to cater to the investment needs of their investors as well as diversify the firm's own assets. From the beginning, the team had planned to expand the firm in phases and had hinted to these plans for several months.

With the launch of the hedge fund, real estate, and venture capital divisions all in full swing, one of the most hectic months for the team was undoubtedly July. During this month, the partners took turns between running daily operations in the office and traveling around the country to meet with investors, advisors, and institutions. Several of these trips included meetings in Providence, New York City, Chicago, Charlotte, and Louisville, where staying with friends, family, and Airbnb helped to minimize expenses.

As the summer of 2016 began to come to a conclusion, the firm started to lay the groundwork for the next phase of Gold Sail which included a private equity division, Gold Sail Equities, and a management consulting division, Gold Sail Strategies. Both subsidiaries were launched on September 12th, 2016, and have been able to assist the growth of local start-ups within the Purdue community throughout 2017.


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