"One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." - André Gide


Out there, along the horizon, lies a sea of opportunity waiting to be explored. However, this exploration takes place not from the comforts of shore, but from the trials at sea. For this reason, we embrace the voyage as we identify new opportunities, equip businesses with the proper tools and resources, and keep them on a steady heading.

Our private equity and venture capital firms, Gold Sail Equities and Gold Sail Ventures, actively seek and develop investments that have the potential to disrupt and transform the market. Our investment approach aims to mitigate risk exposure, generate competitive returns, and bring upon a positive impact throughout the communities we serve.

Information on any private offerings at this firm is only available to existing investors and previously qualified individuals and institutions of appropriate sophistication and net worth, and is not available to the general public.


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The Den is an iconic landmark within the Purdue University community that has been serving students and alumni since 1982. Located within easy walking distance from campus, it has something for everyone: university logoed clothing, snacks, soft drinks, cards, novelty gifts, school supplies and more. The most notable item, of course, is the famous “Den Pop” which has become an integral part of the Purdue experience among Boilermakers, both on campus and around the globe.

This acquisition was attractive due to the Den's iconic brand. The vision for future growth in this business can be achieved by better leveraging the brand and by conducting strategic improvements to the store’s operations.


Our experienced design and installation teams strive to bring each client's unique vision to life by providing first class service at an affordable price. This is our definition of Affordable Luxury. As a full service shop, our trained designers and installers can assist you in making sense of all your available options and have them installed by our team of expert craftsmen. With an abundance of design and product choices readily available in magazines, television shows, the internet, and social media, it's worth having the right team on your side - the Blackridge Team. Our expertise and services focus upon carpet, hardwood, tile, cabinets, countertops, and window treatments. At the end of the day, we believe in flawless execution every step of the way, and are not satisfied until your vision is complete.


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Since our grand opening in October of 2017, Hammer Donuts has filled a sweet void that has been missing from Purdue University and the Greater Lafayette area for far too long - fresh, handmade donuts. Our goal is to provide the very best version your favorite donut classics, a few trendy fan favorites, and a variety of our own quirky creations. What this means for us is continuous improvements to our cooking process, thorough research & development into new flavors (yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds), and extreme dedication to delivering the greatest customer service possible. Stop by Hammer Donuts, located in the Discount Den, to enjoy the best donuts in town. Whether you're on your way to class, enjoying a Sunday morning with family, or just want a sweet treat to top off a wonderful night out, Hammer Donuts is there with the freshest and fluffiest donuts around.


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